Final steps: foreign police and zivno office

Here you are with a nice new visa in your passport and an approved zivno.  There are only a few things left to do:

Register with the foreign police.  This has to happen within three business days of you entering the country with your new visa (even though if you are coming from within Schengen no one can tell when you entered).  Go to the foreign police office, take a number and wait.  **Note that there is a lot of different information on the internet about where to go but this office registered me, you can also find listings for other offices here.  This can be done alone but if you have a Czech friend now is a perfect time to ask them to come with you.  The foreign police spend all day registering people from outside of the Czech Republic but don’t speak anything but Czech.

Take your passport, your proof of medical insurance and a copy of your lease or housing document.  They will write your address in your passport and stamp it.  You are officially in!

**Another note:  The foreign police were not happy that I did not have my passport stamped when I originally entered the Czech Republic as a tourist even though this is the first time I have ever heard this and don’t think it applies to Canadians.  I did not argue, just apologized and he let it pass.

Now take your stamped passport back the folks at the zivno office and they will photocopy it and tell you to come back in a week for your final real zivno!  Even without this paper in hand you are legal and ready to look for work.

Only two more things to do:  taxes and social payment registration.


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  1. […] you recall, after arriving back from an embassy with your shiny new visa it is necessary to go and register and have your address stamped into your passport.  You have 30 days to change your address if you move.  The good news is you can make an […]

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