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Long term residence permit part two (again!)

Let me first apologize for how quiet it has been here lately.  I am in limbo while I wait for my residence permit, and I have also been working an awful lot the last months.

Part one of the process can be found here.  I will make this entry as concise as possible.

What happened since my last entry:

  • Social service tax clearance letter came in the mail about two weeks after I applied for it.
  • I applied for my zivnostensky extension at the office in Prague 7.  They speak English, it was short and painless – I needed my passport, my existing zivnostensky and that was it.  The extension is valid for six months.  It was ready in one week.  Cost 100Kč.
  • Income tax clearance letter was completed, I received a phone call to pick it up at the tax office in Prague 7 (not the same office I applied for it at, but conveniently the same building and the same day my zivnostensky approval was ready).

Moral of the story: next time I will go back to the original offices I used for both social service and income tax as that is where I ended up in the end.

  • Housing document (doklad ubytovani).  My landlord was nice enough to give me an open one and even met me at the Czech Point to have it notarized.  Cost 30Kč.
  • Bank records.  I went to my bank, Fio, and was informed that official copies of my bank statement are now 100Kč per page.  I took a calculated risk and printed them at home.  I then printed every invoice I have on file and attached them to the appropriate months.
  • Completed application form from the Ministry of Interior website.
  • Finally, I made copies of everything.

The Appointment:


My six month visa was set to expire on November 4th, so I made the appointment for October 15th to allow a couple of weeks yet have as much proof of income as I could.  As noted before, I don’t recommend the first appointment as you can’t get near the door.

At the office in Chodov there are two floors, when I made the appointment they said to go to the first floor.  After waiting, my name did not come up in the list on computer, so I went back to the main floor and found myself on that list.  Then we (my Czech friend and I) waited.  And waited. It was about one hour past my appointment time when my number finally came up.

What happens at the appointment?

The took all of the paperwork, copied my passport, copied my proof of health insurance and health card.  I had already purchased an additional two years health insurance from my original provider.

The appointment took one hour.

There was one complication.  They were very reluctant to accept my proof of income based on invoices and bank statements but instead wanted my 2014 tax return.  This is normal procedure when renewing a two year residence to another two year, but not when applying for the first two year permit.  I am in a grey area due to being here in 2014 and therefore having a tax return.  Unfortunately my tax return doesn’t show enough income to support my application, so I convinced them to also take my bank statements.  Details on current income requirements can be found here.

There is no cost to apply for the permit, only once it is approved will you need to pay.

At the end of the appointment they gave me a letter proving I had applied and listed a reference number.  If they required something from me it would be listed on this letter, but I had nothing outstanding.  This letter (or a copy) must be carried with you as it proves you are legally in the country.  Although I asked for a bridge visa (a visa to let you leave and re-enter the country during processing) they refused to issue one until after my initial visa had expired.

What now?

I wait.  As of this writing it has been seven weeks.  Every Monday you need to check the MOI website and search for yourself on the spreadsheet they publish.